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what Gabriel Canul thinks we look like

Published November 28, 2014 by The Merida Review



Irene. What can I say? My best friend. We spent hours and hours talking about the silliest things. Do you know how comfortable you have to feel with someone to talk about nothing? I have laughed with Irene as I never laughed with anyone before. She was elegant, she was proud, she owned the most fabulous wardrobe (maybe a little too proud of that!), she was a lovely German bisque. I will never forget the day she fell and was broken. This is Gabriel Canul’s drawing, the way he pictured Irene as he was reading the book.


Scan_20141020 (2)


The Grand Duke. Mysterious and jaded. Has lived 1000 lives. Who knows what his name started out? We know him now as simply The Grand Duke, I understand it’s from one of his roles. Full of stories about his life in the theater. I would have loved to have seen him on stage. His life sounds so glamorous and exciting. I feel like such a dull little thing by comparison. I haven’t known him so long, but I feel honored to be counted as one of his friends. This picture is also by Gabriel Canul. I showed it to the Grand Duke and he laughed and said, ”But of course! Use it! It’s wonderful!” These drawings don’t really look like the actual people (dolls), but we love them anyways, and we want Gabriel to keep drawing. I can’t wait to see what he does with me!